Appalachian Voices Special

mountain top removal coal mining

Photo of a destroyed mountain—the price of coal

During the months of April and June of 2011, 50% of every album sale will be donated to Appalachian Voices.
You can learn more about the work that App Voices is doing at their website. I have seen the drastic effects of mountaintop removal coal mining personally, and want to do whatever I can to stop it. It destroys towns, makes people sick and devastates the environment. Appalachian Voices is helping lead the charge in keeping the Appalachians beautiful. If you haven’t seen their magazine, you should check it out soon!

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My album, Crooked Wheels has a song on it written about this type of coal mining. You can see the video below.


Ready to join the fight to stop mountaintop removal coal mining? It’s easy! Click below.
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